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I have a S88 MKII and for some reason my bender takes the entire keybed out of tune and random notes don’t play. I have a roland cloud account and when playing the roland sounds in Patch Mode they play perfectly. But when I choose the sound I want the random note won’t play and the bender still takes the keyboard out of tune. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Any ideas on what will fix this. The firmware is updated, I have plenty of space on the hard drive. I’m just lost with what to do.

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    Is this in Komplete Kontrol or a DAW?

    On what OS are you?

    Can you post screenshots of hte MIDI setup of whatever you are using?

    When you say "the bender" are you referring to the Pitch Bend wheel and when you say "out of tune" do you mean after you release the wheel it causes it to STAY out of tune, since the PB wheel is, of course, designed to change the pitch/tone/tune of notes when you use it.

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