Lores crashes Kontakt 7 - runs smoothly under Komplete Kontrol though

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Kind of surprised me. Every time I run Lores under Kontakt 7 - tried to do it under Kontakt 6, yet gor the message Kontakt 6 is too old to run it - it keeps lagging amd I need to close it. However, there is no problem to run it under Komplet Kontrol, latest version.

Anybody having the same issue?


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  • Uwe303
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    first check that you use the proper audio driver, asio on windows. On my system it runs stand alone with kontakt 7 and in komplete kontrol too. can you check that both are the same version via "file/help/about kontakt" in komplete kontrol you maybe have to press "ctrl+3" to see the menu, must be version 7.1.3.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    As @Uwe303 said. you could also reset Kontakt's databse, like explained here: KONTAKT Crashes

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