Installation failed of NYPHA on M1

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Anybody experiencing same issue? Hard to say why as it doesn't give any reason :(

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  • Paule
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    edited December 2022

    Your infos are a bit thin.

    Do you use the actual NA version 3.0.1?

    Please what is Nypha? Part of Reaktor, a preset for FM8, a library for Kontakt?


    do you mean the Holiday Gift HYPHA?

  • jacqui brookes
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    Answer ✓

    After 3 fsiled attempts, i managed to install Hypha on mac m1.

  • Greg82
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    I will keep trying than. As to what version of NA I’m using, yes it is 3.0.1 and sorry for misspelling HYPHA if it offends anybody ;)

  • MaikR
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    Have a look at:

    In that response I'm describing the way how I managed to install Hypha, too. Maybe this workaround fixes the problem for you.

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