Location of data file specifying instrument positions in left Kontakt panel?

DeltaJockey Member Posts: 12 Sine
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I was re arranging the instrument order in Kontakt 7, and was wanting to know where the info on this resides, as I would like to make my backup copy of Kontakt the same order by copying the file without having to manually re arrange them all again.

I'm using it on Mac OS.


  • Paule
    Paule BerlinMember Posts: 747 Saw

    In Native Access you can find the location where you've install your instruments in Kontakt.

  • DeltaJockey
    DeltaJockey Member Posts: 12 Sine

    Thanks Paul,

    but I'm not asking the common question of moving libraries, I know how where they reside.

    I'm talking about the order of the Kontakt instruments and their "splash" screens that sit in the left side panel in Kontakt when that side panel is on. This is not an issue when using the new thumbnail browser in Kontakt 7, but when having the left side panel enabled.

    I have dragged the splash screens into the order I want, but it must be saved somewhere in a Kontakt config? file which I want to just copy to the other computer, so that the order is the same.

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