Reloop Rp-8000 mk2

Anyone using these with Traktor? I've been offered a pair and quite like the idea of midi control as well as not bringing my 1210's out on gigs.

I see there is a tsi file on the reloop website for the mk1's but nothing for the mk2's.

I'm pretty competent with midi mapping so would be happy enough mapping them myself, manual says that it's compatible with serato and other software, is it generic Midi?

Also wandering if they need to be daisy chained in a master/slave configuration for traktor to see them as 2 independent devices.

Thanks in advance


  • Uwe303
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    i found this mapping DJ TechTools - RP-8000 MK2 Traktor Mapping so it should be possible to map it yourself with traktor. And you just connect them both via usb, and the first one is mapped to deck A/C or just A and the second one has a mapping to deck B/D or just B, at least i would do it that way, you can also map both to all 4 decks, but that makes no sense to me.

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    I recently exchanged e-mails with reloop, where I was able to ask this question directly, among other things. they assured me that it is absolutely possible to use the full potential of these turntables with traktor. as @Uwe303 has already written, you can easily map them yourself however you want in addition to the official factory mapping. (there should be one)

  • Damien King
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    Thanks for the answers. there's an official mapping for the mk1 but not the mk2. I'm fairly competent with mapping and modifiers. could be nice having a deck flavour / layout selector mapped onto them on a shift layer.

    I see they're also supported by virtual dj so I guess they're not some serato only job.

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    @Damien King Hey, you're right. I had confused the MKI with the MKII regarding factory mapping. But it will definitely work with. I've been thinking about getting these turntables for a while now. Unfortunately, my RANE Twelves does not work as desired and I will replace these with the Reloop Turntables if necessary. The possibility to control 4 decks would be very cool. If you're going to buy it and map it, please share your feedback here ✌️

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    Just got a pair of Reloop 8000 MK2 for the price of ONE!!! Will be ptiently waiting for a well put together Traktor mapping.

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    As @Uwe303 already said, just try the mapping that can be found on djtechtools. Incidentally, Reloop's mapping for the MKI would also be worth a try out. At least that's what I would do before I create my own.

  • Fritz
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    Im doing exactly this. The mapping is fine for hotcues and loops. If you want to assign other functions changing them up is easy in the midi editor. I dont run them on deck C/D though. Just A and B.

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