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I am admittedly a MIDI novice when it comes to mapping MIDI CC's. With that in mind, I'd like to find out the proper step-by-step instructions on how to set up MIDI CC on the touch strips on Maschine Jam for both General MIDI and for some virtual instruments.

My current Controller Editor configuration includes templates for Logic, Ableton and Unify. In addition to General MIDI, I want to set up pages for Omnisphere, Unify (a simplified version), and Logic's Sampler. My previous attempt to map MIDI CCs via the CE have not been successful.

Thanks much!


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    i would try to use the daws system, most have a feature like quick controls in cubase. You map them once to the DAW then you bind those controls to the instrument on a track basis but you can save and reload that. Another option would be to use komplete kontrol - maybe the best option, cause this will work in any DAW once done.

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    Hey thanks for the reply!

    I have Maschine Jam already mapped to Logic via the MCU controls, with some moderate tweaking. In fact, it's the basis for using the other instruments, as well as General MIDI. One big thing that I think I might have overcome is its Smart Controls, which has parameters pre-mapped by third-party vendors so that it automaps to the first eight parameter slots, and they just work. I have since gotten some guidance of mapping some of the other instruments listed, so I'm in reasonable shape to move forward.

    I appreciate the assistance.

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    I use multiple maschine Jam's and have midi mapped them in Reaper..with a clever VST built for reaper called Realearn... its a very powerful midi tool

    Realearn basically gives me full control of the touchstrips... the bouncing peak levels on the strips, the ability to press a button and the tracks will change dynamically and update the touchstrips to the new tracks, control sends, loopback audio, hardware outs... allow for a single midi button to have 3 functions trigger/double press/long press

    on top of that... you can remap a layout... by pressing a midi-button and effectively change to a new mapping of the current bank... without even using the Maschine Jam internal banks!

    One can also utilise the midi-in function of buttons to change the colours of buttons with realearn

    can change the patterns of Maschine in plugin mode... by assigning the notes to buttons etc, giving you control of both Maschine patterns or all running through midi mode...

    route the Maschine plugin peak levels of the maschine audio channels to bounce around on the touchstrips in midi-mode ... without the jam being in maschine mode!!

    Maschine Jam&maschine in reaper is so powerful i dont think many people know about it... *shrugs

    the only real issue one would have with Realearn... is knowing what to map things too

    i've been building a template for quite some time now... utilising Realearn as the central part.. im now migrating things across to the M1 Mac... as i found the limiting factor with Reaper was my windows10 PC

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    I'm kinda jealous of how fully featured the settings are that you're able to take advantage of. If only there was similar support for Logic. The closest I've known up to now that really takes advantage of MIDI support, asides from maybe the Maschine software itself, is the Ableton Live template, which continues to be supported and updated by NI. I do have Ableton and the template installed, though I don't use it very much right about now.

    Seems the one working in Reaper is packed with features; glad you are enjoying that!

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