M+ standalone and updating

JayTee303 Member Posts: 28 Member

Go to settings> system. You get the message “your maschine is up to date” press shift and scan” you will get “system update downloaded, ready for installation, do you want to install it now?” You will have a countdown timer from 60, or press later. It seems that the last update is always held in cache, and you can reinstall it again and again, even when you already updated to that last version... is this a bug or feature, because if your maschine for example hangs at boot, there isn’t any use for this, and I can’t think of any others. Anyways I always found this odd. There has been times I did scan, and said great a new version let’s install, went through the whole process to realise I installed the same version. It does say system update, not reinstall or repair, that’s why it’s so confusing...Now if we could revert to a previous version like 1.4.3, that would be a lifesaver. Probably lose 20 minutes everyday booting and shutting down now, we should be able to return a version, just the one before , reinstalling doesn’t change anything..

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