Ridiculous size of the plug in screen

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This will probably piss someone off, and well, I'm not sorry at all

It is galactically stupid that we cannot open machine 2 in a full-screen size (not full-screen mode) when using it as a plug in, and no not the "larger version" in the options. FULL SCREEN SIZE. For gods sake it has a sequencer in it.

Maschines feature set is severely hampered and the workflow is like pulling teeth and although.

Now this has been complained about for a decade by a large group of pro users.

So native instruments. Are you trying to force people to use Machine in the native mode so they can actually enjoy it and you can tailor us to use it differently? Maybe we should just usesuperior drummer 3 instead? Why do we pay you when you don't take our requests, and plug in size?? Not exactly a "feature rich" request now is it?

Get professional please, and stop vomiting out prosumer nonsense.

Sincerely, Your very irritated fan.


  • Jacevek
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    and no, Im not harshin your mello, so don't mellow my harsh. This should not be like this.

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    I think the reason you can’t get bigger than the large view, is so you can click on visible piece of your daw for fast switching. As you say full screen is not necessary just a larger screen than large. Normally maschine is available now as a vst3, One of the pro’s of vst 3 is that you can change the screen size either by setting a percentage, (uhe comes to mind) or even better dragging the corners to choose your preferred size. But agreed should be an option. It frustrated me too but since I learned to work with the controller only it doesn’t bother me that much but anymore. But yeah would still be great to have this.

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    Personally speaking I use 2 screens so I can have plug-ins open and not get in the way of my DAW. Its very annoying that I can’t open Maschine as a plug-in full screen on another monitor. Yet another shameful display by NI choosing to ignore repeated requests for this. Not sure if NI have staff with the technical ability to program these and other commonly asked for changes or if they just like pissing off their customers?

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    what are the chances the OP using a 4K display.. and the maximum size you are wishing is beyond the scope of a 4K display... and the Largest view was orinally intended for 1080p screens.

    but hey... we can call out NI for not having forward thinking!! for the handful of users who work with 4K displays.

    and if you aint using a 4K display rather using a 1080p display... is Large not sufficient enough?

    heck you can use stand-alone and have it re-size any which way you want!!

    so what was the issue again?

  • D-One
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    Ah! I usually don't need full screen for the Plugin very often but when I do it also annoys me, I agree it's absolutely stupid to not be able to do it.

    I have a hacky/mod fix for you if you're interested, it's easy since you're on a Mac:

    1. Go to the Maschine.VST (or VST3) location, right-click it and select Show Package contents and navigate to:
    2. Maschine 2.vst/Contents/Resources/skin/stylesheets/Maschine/Panels/ and open Open the file named "TopLevel.txt" with a text editor.
    3. Right at the top are the pixel sizes for the 3 predetermined sizes, change them to whatever you want:

    So.. Clearly, they could allow us to set those sizes up in the preferences if they wanted... 🤷‍♂️ I used to share this kind of stuff on the forum but since it always has low engagement by the community I never recreated the threads on this new forum.

    If your text editor can't save due to permissions then just copy the TopLevel.txt somewhere else, like the desktop then edit and replace it inside the VST/VST3.

    If you don't know what size to pick in pixels then just use the mac screenshot tool (CTRL+CMD+SHIFT+4).

    Ableton for example detects plugins that have been tampered with so you need to codesign it, type this in the terminal for the VST3 for example:

    sudo codesign -f -s - /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Maschine\ 2.vst3 

    Or for the VST2

    sudo codesign -f -s - /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Maschine\ 2.vst 
  • mykejb
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    Do you know if a similar hack is available for Komplete Kontrol?

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