Before I purchase, does a controller do what I want?

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I have a studio setup for production via computer. The speakers run from the computer. A mixer does not work in my config since I would have to remove the speakers from the computer, to plug into the mixer. I don't want that.

What I want is a midi controller to control the nobs on the screen. I want to continue routing the sound through the computer, not having to move the cables to the device for mixing.

Do any of the controllers for Traktor connect to the computer to control the software without the need to plug speakers into the controller?

The scenario is:

Computer with speakers connected to it.

Sound comes from the computer.

Computer runs the software.

Controller gives manual access to nobs. No sound connected to controller.

Thank you in advance for your help in understanding how they work.


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    what soundcard does your computer have built in? But yes you can do that, then you are maybe not able to pre hear via headphones. You could try that with a demo version of traktor. And you may also loose sound quality.

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    I'm running an NVidia GeForce card with HD sound on it.

    Sound runs from the video card, to the Asus Monitor via DP connector.

    Studio monitors get their sound from the monitor output.

    I'm just mixing for fun so I just need to control the fader and nobs manually. It's hard to have the kind of fun I want with a mouse. :)

    Would prefer to connect the controller via USB only, to control the software.

    Thank you for helping me understand so I don't make an unnecessary purchase!

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