Arrange buttons from Top Viev of Keyboard not works with Cubase

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I have Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 and Steinberg Cubase Professional 11

These are the Arrange buttons:






  • In the manual at KEYBOARD OVERVIEW 40,

under Top View of Komplete Kontrol Keyboard

is it's written:

"4. Arrange buttons: Let you switch between the different arrangement views and modes in

supported hosts. For more information, refer to Host Integration."

  • For Host Integration, I read this :

"11. Host Integration

When using advanced host integration, the KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard becomes the

centerpiece of your studio setup. You can use it to control not only the Instrument, Sample or

Effect loaded in KOMPLETE KONTROL but also core functionality of supported hosts.

Before you can make use of advanced host integration you need to set it up first. For

more information, refer to Setting up Host Integration.

Advanced integration of KOMPLETE KONTROL is available in the following host:

Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5/9/9.5/10"

  • But the Arrange buttons, they have nothing to do with Cubase. 😕
  • It would be useful if the Arrange buttons could also be used in Cubase.
  • What settings do I need to make so that the Arrange buttons can also be used in Cubase ?

Please help me to resolve this situation.

Thank you.

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