Anyone how to fix a jammed play and cue button on a S4 MK3

So the left side of the deck the play button is jammed and I'm not sure how to fix this issue.

It still semi-works but it's not given the clicky feeling back and it sometimes doesn't work.

If anyone has advice on how I can fix it without removing the back of the board that would be awesome!


  • zephry
    zephry Member Posts: 560 Pro

    First try Deoxit. You can get it on Amazon. Unplug and spray it in. Push button to hopefully loosen it. Also use air or vacuum nozzle to help dislodge any crud.

    I have fixed stuck mouse buttons as well as my first s4mk1. And gaming controllers.

    Definitely buy a Decksaver for the S4mk3 and also dust it at least once a month. Never smoke or vape around electronics. It will ruin buttons and inputs.

    CAIG Laboratories, DeoxIT D5S6 Contact Treatment + F5S-H6 FaderLube Bundle

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