Creating & Assigning Komplete Kontrol Template In A DAW

Michael R Hughes
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I would like to use Komplete Kontrol templates with my 3rd party plugins in Cubase. I use an S88 Mk2 controller running KK 2.8.0. When using KK in a DAW, the 'MIDI' icon which allows you to create templates (light guides, knobs, buttons etc.) is not visible. In its place is a little grey block top right, next to the NI logo in KK. This MIDI icon IS however visible in KK Standalone.

I have three questions:

  1. Must templates be created in KK Standalone, not in a DAW?
  2. Is there a setting within a DAW to allow KK templates to be created? (An internet trawl indicated that the KK output ports should be disabled in the DAW, but I still see no MIDI icon when I did this in Cubase 12.0.50.)
  3. Once a set of KK templates has been created, how do you assign a specific template to your instrument within your DAW? When I press the 'MIDI' button on my S88, I see one of my templates, but cannot see how to change to another template using the hardware.

Many thanks for any assistance!


  • MyStudioOne
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    True that you can only create midi templates in KK standalone. That said you can have standalone KK open at the same time as your DAW. You will find that it is helpful to have both open so that you can map your keyboard controls in your DAW, map your templates in KK and test/troubleshoot back and forth in real time. That said, use windows audio for KK rather than your Interface ASIO used for your DAW to avoid potential audio conflicts.

    re: changing MIDI TEMPLATES

    You cannot change templates with your DAW per se but rather you must do it from your keyboard with the preset up/down buttons to scroll through your templates (when you are in midi mode). You will see the name of your current template on your screen.

  • JesterMgee
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    If these "3rd party plugins" are VST it may be easier to load these into KK and create a control template rather than a MIDI one.

    You can check my signature if you want full browsing of presets in plugins (if they are plugins you use) or there is a user thread where you may find a template.

    You can also make your own even within a DAW. The only reason you would need to externally control a plugin in Cubase is if it is not a VST compatible plugin (such as a native DAW device).

  • Michael R Hughes
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    @MyStudioOne and @JesterMgee thank you both for your very helpful responses to my questions. They have enabled me to obtain a solution. My workflow is as follows for others that may need to create and assign KK templates in Cubase:

    Open KK Standalone

    Click on the MIDI icon in KK standalone and create/save a template to your liking.

    Launch Cubase and set up a KK instrument track with selected KK instrument.

    Choose the template you want to use with that instrument by pressing the MIDI button on your KK keyboard and scrolling through your KK templates using the Preset Up and Down Buttons.

    I personally save instrument configurations that I like within a Cubase template, disabling the instrument. This allows me to recall them from my template by enabling the instrument when needed.

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