Meaning of the amplitude on the track spectrum

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I need some help understanding why those files (which are the same track), have different spectrum (the amplitude differ). What does it mean? Is there any difference I should be aware of in term of volume, quality, etc. Both are MP3 320kbps but they may have been converted numerous times.

Hope you can help.



  • SlySk
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    file a quite similar but again, some data may have been lost over numerous conversion etc. Is this related to compression?

  • SlySk
    SlySk Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Also, I can't hear any difference between the two.

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    The right track has a lower gain over the whole spectrum. If you have autogain active traktor has already compensated for that automatically so you hear no difference. If you deactivate it the left track will be louder than the right.

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