Is it possible to make use of the program lists inside KK?

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inb4 "just use the browser?" so I like to use program lists on Massive/FM8/Absynth because what I do in my DAW is have two sends to the VST, one which plays notes and the other which converts notes to PC. So each note has it's own preset, and it sounds cool when the presets change and the sound warps to get from one to another.

Meanwhile in KK, if you assign MIDI to the preset change arrows, whatever note is going into the plugin is cancelled out during a preset change, so I'm not able to pull off this trick there. I can load, for example, Massive into KK with the program list contained within, but program changes sent from the DAW don't reach the VST inside KK? Is there a setting I need to change or does the plugin just not allow PC messages in?

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    kk is not made for that use, it needs time to load the instrument and then the preset in that instrument. You could try to send preset change before the note but then of course you also need time between the notes. In massive, or other synths supporting PC messages, they are made for changing presets immediately and, like i said, kk is not.


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