Why is Native Access downloading instead of using the disk ?

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I don't understand anything...

I have connected the disk I got after buying K13CE, and I am being told it is connected and available once Native Access 2 is launched.

I go to the Komplete tab to see the instruments available and when searching for Stradivarius, I am offered a cello and a violin.

Once the violin is selected, it says it is going to download some 25.4 GB from the web...!!!!

Don't tell me I am to download everything from the internet while having a disk connected...

Again, don't quite understand...



  • Ryan_NI
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    hey @F1308

    Sorry to hear you've been dealing with this! 

    The Komplete Hard drive facilitates the installation, it does not provide all of the necessary files for you to install without the use of Native Access, it then has to activate the products after they have been installed as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • 6xes
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    unsure if this method works...

    but if i recall how i installed things with a Komplete HDD

    is i dropped all the folders(hidden) into the directory i was going to make the install directory...

    then i launched the native access afterward..

    Native access then looks at the current install folder and then proceeds with any extra files required(updates).

    I believe that is how i saved time on the download process from the internet.

  • F1308
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    Thank you both...

    I see there are some files that are set to be completely downloaded, as they lack the DISK icon next to them when listed in Native Access, bull's eye as I went directly on a collision course with the Stradivarius, but many others, like the Vintage Organs, are still downloaded regardless of having the icon.

    Other installations are warning me that Kontakt 7 (player, not full, for the time being) is required...


    But 7 was released way later than K13CE... wasn't it ? October 2020 and October 2022 if my memory dos not deceive me...


    Anyway, it is simply a matter of understanding that things hardly are as one had thought, here, there and everywhere, but for the great old fridges: you buy one, connect to mains, wait a while, and the milk is colder. No digging, no web browsing, no drivers, no registration, no nothing...

    Mmmm...well, thanks to this little glitches we talk more often and even meet new people and make friends !!!!

    Let it be...

    Thank you, Native Instruments, I am enjoying K13CE immensely.

    Upgrading to 14 very soon, for sure.

    And then 15...



    PD: please, remember: the milk is to be placed inside the fridge. Use the installed front door of the device for that purpose and make sure it is shut before leaving.

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