Known good config?

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Hi, is anyone out there running Maschine software on a 2021 14" M1 Max MacBook Pro together with a Maschine+ with minimal issues that can share their software and firmware versions? I want to start a project on Maschine+ and then move it to the Mac for finishing touches, but can't do this with my current versions.

Right now on my Mac, I am running software 2.14.6 (R4) and my M+ is running system version, and Maschine version 2.15.1(R7), firmware 0.1.5.

Searching these forums for 2.15 or 2.16 issues has me unsure that I should update my Mac's Maschine version. But if someone is getting something to work, I'm all ears. To avoid issues, I prefer to stay several versions behind so that there are workarounds for any known issues.

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