Keyboard ranges, finally solved.

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After several months asking everywhere for a solution for my tracks to be triggered only when using a specified keyboard range for any of them, REAPER has told me, barely twenty minutes after asking, that...

"MIDI Note filter is a JSFX (a script that runs as a track effect) and will do this.

You should find it in the FX Browser. Insert it onto a track and it will discard notes outside the selected range. Or, you could add it as an input FX, to discard the notes from your keyboard before they reach the track (so they would not be recorded)."

So thanks to REAPER I am glad to see we the keyboardist are not dependant anymore on the specifications virtual instruments or their players might have been or not provided with in this regard.

Roland Fantom 8 and REAPER DAW, here I go...!!!

Time to unbox that K13 CE I left behind till getting this fixed...






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