maschine+ doesnt hold the kontakt patch sounds firmware latest

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i have success in loading free kontakt patch library's to the SD card in maschine+ and can load them as kontakt instrument multilayer an play them as group and instrument and seems to be roundrobin also but after lets say 20 mins the maschine erases the sounds step by step and you only get it back by loading the patch again

if I save as project the sounds are also not there after loading the project

there is no message no error or smth

somebody has an advice

did I miss something


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Mag Only the Kontakt libraries that come with your Maschine Plus are supported. Other libraries are not officially supported. Maybe some of our M+ users here have workarounds and share their experience?

  • Mag
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    Hey Thank you for respond)

    well as i said it works wonderfull to play the loaded patch but maschine erases the sounds step by step after 20 mins then you can load the pach new and i works fine so why cant it be saved as goup or instrument then

    i am at decicion to give it back to seller cause i am in the 30 days giveback range so abit under pressure

    cause i want to use it as stanalone fingerdrumming device with mor acoustic sounding drumkits like this

    sometime also looses the own samples like trumpet instrument on a group very strange

    maybe the new firmware isnt that ready and roll back to last

    i dont know

  • Mag
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    here you can see a User explain and using patches like normal it should work

    at 2.00 mins

  • Mag
    Mag Member Posts: 4 Member

    here also nice explained and done working

    but not for me here

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