Kontakt 7 Win 11 - Won't Start

Butchie Member Posts: 3 Member

I tried a solution or two I found here. Tried regedit/delete Kontakt 7 folder. Nothing works. After a little delay I see the hourglass, then nothing, then hourglass, then just dead. It doesn't look in task manager like it ever tries to start. I also tried making sure security was not stopping the program via firewall. Pretty much stymied at this point. Anyone else had this problem and find a way around it? I can still start Kontakt 5 and Kontakt (6), but not 7.

Like others, I had Kontakt 7 as an update available. Since I only had NIKU13 Collector's, it installed as Player. Now, I have 14 Collector's, and I have this problem.

Please reply. Thank you!

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