How to troubleshoot failed instrument installing?

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Every instrument I installed it always failed. I'm using Qnap NAS for my storage. I'm also running MacOS Ventura. I can install application but instruments and effects always failed. I already have the following settings in my MacOS. I have tried contact NI support but apparently they only reply one email per 24 hours and no phone support. Any help is much appreciated.

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Chong My colleagues got back to you today and told that NAS drives were not officially supported and sent you this article: Notes on Network Drives and Disk Formats

    Where it's clearly stated:

    Network or NAS Drives

    In general, we do not recommend installing or storing your libraries or content on network or NAS drives. Please use internal drives or external USB drives only. This article explains how to set the install locations in Native Access.

    Network or NAS drives can however be used to store backups of your Native Instruments content. 


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