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Jakob Berg
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Hey Guys I have a Problem. Ich bought the Kontakt 7 bundle and installed Kontakt 7 in Native Acess but i just got the Demo version. Next to the Product ist a "Demo" sign. If i click "activate" in the App it just opens Native Acess but nothing happens. Can anyone help me pls??

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  • Paule
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    Please, what is Native Access b? The actuale version is 3. Do you update NA to NA3?

  • pete sallis
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    Me too! Native Access is all messed up and slow now.

  • RMC
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    I have nearly the same issue... for years I have owned the full version of Kontakt. Yesterday I installed Kontakt7 through Native access 3.... It seemed to work normally and it plopped the program icon onto my desktop. However when I open Cubase, there's no Kontakt 7. This wasn't my first rodeo with NI, so I found the many vst folders Cubase uses and copied the relevant files into them. You'd think Kontakt would do this automatically like every other s/w on the planet, but it doesn't. Now Kontakt7 opens in Cubase, but many of my programs now say demo version. After reading about what that means, it appears that I need to purchase the full version (I didn't realize Kontakt7 was a paid update). So I went to NI and purchased the full version. When I logged back into Native Access, it shows nothing related to Kontakt7 except libraries 2. Nothing at all about installing full version. The only reason I assumed library 2 was related to Kontakt7 was the thumbnail looked the same. So I clicked install on Library said "starting" at the bottom of the screen, but nothing downloaded or installed. 2 hours later still nothing (still said starting). And everything (including my DAW) is slow... as in really slow. Kontakt7 "demo version" is still there... Can someone please help?

    I must say This puts a whole new meaning to the word disaster

  • Jakob Berg
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    i could fix it today. I deinstalled everything (Native Access, Kontakt 7, every library) and deleted every folder about those things on my pc and then i reinstalled and now i got the full version.

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