BPM of track recorded Is different compared to the originale one

When I record in Traktor, the track recorded works with a different BPM as compares to the track I was recording . For example if I record a piece of track with 128 bpm the result Is a track in 99 BPM. I would like to know why. Thanks.


  • Uwe303
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    is the deck, where you play the song, set to 128 BPM, pitch to 0. And ist the track analysed correctly. Could be a track with an odd beat so the traktor analysis is wrong

  • zephry
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    Also the section of the track has to have some type of transient (preferably the main kick for most dance music) to even have a beat.

    If you grab a vocal section especially you will get strange timing.

    Sampling can get pretty tricky if you don't get exact loops via drag and drop to remix decks or use the Loop Recorder.

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