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Maschine crashes after update

Henk Reisen
Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine
edited November 2022 in Maschine

Hi everybody,

I just updated my Maschine Software to the newest version 2.16 after a longer system run without installing any updates (2 or 3 years I guess). At the same time a updated my other products (Massive, Kontakt, Replika, etc.) and installed 2 expansions (Chromatic Fire & Free Form).

Since then I experience a strange error I can't fix myself, so I'm asking for help.


  • Maschine software crashes when I try to load any content (groups, samples, sounds etc.).
  • If in standalone mode: the software closes.
  • If in VST plugin mode in Cubase 12: Cubase and Maschine software closes.
  • The controller freezes saying "Busy ... loading"

My System:

  • Software version: 2.16
  • Hardware: Maschine (1) controller
  • OS: Windows 10

What I tried:

  • run fix installation process in NI Access
  • uninstalled all the NI products (except for Access) and reinstalling only Maschine 2.16, newest Controller editor and newest Controller driver
  • inactivated all plugins (NI plugins and 3rd party) in Maschine
  • checked the content paths both manually and automatically

I can't find anything more to do.

Does anyone have a solution, a workaround or an idea how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,


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  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine
    edited November 2022

    👍 Addon:

    I found this article in the meantime:


    Deleting user registry entry didn't work. Reinitializing the database didn't work either. A windows update is not possible because Window can't update to Win 11 with my processor.

    Does anybody have an installer for older versions of Maschine 2? Maybe that would fix the problem. At least if there is a way for a manual installation which leaves NI Access besides.

    EDIT: To be more precise with the error:

    The application does not crash with all samples or groups I try to load. For example: Loading the 909 Kit works perfectly, loading the 808 Kit causes the crash. The crashes occur with most of the groups I try to load. I don't see any pattern why some groups work, others cause the error.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,459 mod

    Hey Henk! Can you load instruments ? Are all the groups that crash from the same library (like the Maschine Factory Library)? Have you tried reinstalling the Maschine Factory Library? Are you running Maschine in admin mode? How to Run a Program as an Administrator

  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine

    Hey Jeremy,

    thanks for your reply!

    Yes, all the groups are from the same library, the Maschine Factory Library, which I reinstalled.

    No, l haven't tried admin mode. I will do this tomorrow an report the results here. Thanks for the hint! I will try loading instruments, too and give info on results, as well.

  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine

    I tried the admin mode, but at the moment Maschine won't load at all, be it in admin mode or normal. Don't know what changed.

    I will uninstall Maschine and Maschine Factory Library and try again.

  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine

    I reinstalled Maschine and the Factory Library. Maschine runs in admin mode now.

    Maschine still crashes when loading the following kits:

    • 3l3ctr0 Kit
    • 8 Ball Kit
    • 808 Kit
    • 808 Southern Kit
    • Reggae Kit
    • and more.

    Maschine does not crash when loading the following kits:

    • 909 Kit
    • Downbeat Kit
    • All Abbey Road Kits
    • and more.

    This all seem to be the same since the error occurred the first time. What seems different: Maschine doesn't crash when I load single samples, so I can create my own kits with my own samples or with samples from the library which is fine.

    Some instruments do load, but as I uninstalled all other NI programs in an attempt to narrow the mistake f.e. Massive presets won't load, of course. I reinstall all other programs now to try to minimize error sources. It's approx. 30GB to download an install, so it will take some time.

  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine

    Ok, I've installed all other NI software available.

    In Maschine I can load some instruments without problem. Others crash.

    I can open the drumsynth, choose (f.e.) the kick, edit it, choose different kick models, but when I choose model "dusty", Maschine crashes.

    I don't see any pattern why some groups, some sounds, some drum synth models crash while others don't.

    This is all still in admin mode.

  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine

    Is there a chance to get an installer for an older version of Maschine?

    99% I use it as a source for sampling drums. As far as I see it the features that come with 2.16 are of no importance in my workflow. Being able to load groups on the other hand is important. A step back would be an easy workaround to get my boat floating again.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,459 mod
    edited December 2022 Answer ✓

    Hey Henk, I can provide the installer for 2.15, here they are:

    Maschine 2.15.2 for Mac

    Maschine 2.15.2 for Windows

    If that doesn't fix the issue, or if you need to do the update later in time and you want to fix it, get in touch here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_maschine

  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine

    Thank you! 👍

  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine

    This is funny: After installing Maschine 2.15.2 for Windows some of the groups cuasing problems do load, while the error itself remains and a lot of groups crash.

    The last Maschine version I was running on before the update was probably from 2020, when I installed my computer. Is ther maybe an installer from that time, too?

    Otherwise I will either

    • have to live with the error
    • change to another drum program
    • or build up a new computer with Win 11

    All these alternatives are not really attractive.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,459 mod

    Or you could try contacting our support ;-)

  • Henk Reisen
    Henk Reisen Member Posts: 10 Sine

    Yes , I did, they try to help and we`re in good contact.

    I though in this community thread I was having exchange with support, but as I understand now, you can't do intensive customer support in a public community thread due to the user information that have to be exchanged to find errors.

    I go on finding a solution with customer support via email. I will report here on any solution that can be published for the community in case somebody else encounters the same error, if it's okay.

    Thank you for your help here!


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,459 mod

    Hey Daniel, you're welcome! 🤞

  • lefty
    lefty Member Posts: 1 Noise

    Jeremy_NI, the Mac links are broken. Can you post the correct link?

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,459 mod

    @lefty Fixed the link, sorry about that!

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