which expansion packs are compatible with the +

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not seeing any marked with the red plus other then the ones that came with the maschine +

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  • darkwaves
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    Check the frequently asked questions page.

    All Expansions are compatible except PRISMATIC BLISS and MASSIVE X Expansions.

  • Peter Harris
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    They are all compatible except for one: Prismatic Bliss. (Don't ask. Something to do with REX files apparently?!)

    Just keep in mind that kits from expansion packs often have multiple effects on every single pad so if you load more than one kit in a project you will choke the M+ very quickly.

    If you want to play around with multiple kits at once on the Maschine Plus, I highly recommend you go through each sound on each kit and quickly delete or at least bypass their effects.

    While you're playing around keep an eye on your resource usage and if it goes over 80%, be very careful and save often. (And thank God for the auto backup! It's a lifesaver.)

  • Space Cat 303
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    I do not really agree.

    What uses a lot of CPU resources are the instruments (massive...) not the effects.

    I use a lot of effects on sounds or Oneshot and it doesn't take a lot of CPU resources.

  • Peter Harris
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    I've never had a project choke on instruments.

    The issue for me has always been loading multiple groups from expansions and where every one of the sounds on each expansion group has multiple effects on each sound in the kit individually.

  • ozon
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    @Space Cat 303 FX may have a considerable impact on CPU. See this comparison I made:

    Naturally, it depends on the number and complexity of FX used. Groups from Expansions have a tendency to use an insane number of effects to showcase the sounds and samples.

  • Flexi
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    NI groups are insanely drenched with effects hahaha, a lot of the complaints about M+ CPU come from loading NI groups and projects, most of their sounds have so many effects it makes you wonder why they weren't just resampled anyway.

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