Latest Maschine Update has make my 2013 Macbook Pro useless



  • Kahtnipp
    Kahtnipp Member Posts: 10 Member

    There's nothing new that I need so thank you for the heads up!

  • Paul Derrington
    Paul Derrington Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    Kubrak, the software and plugins ran fine prior to the update. They are not breaking new ground here. My i5 2.3 Ghz Quad Core Macbook Pro was fine a few weeks ago and some lazy programmers update should not make it outdated today. Sorry, but that is an excuse. It is definitely not cheaper to buy a new computer since I have to buy it and not NI. Maybe I should use that language when I try to convince my wife that I need to buy a new computer instead of all the other stuff we have to purchase for our three kids. I am sure she will say "Damn, why are you still using that old ***** computer that worked fine last week!" lol I get it that it is old but it is not like I am trying to use one of my Atari's or C64's here.

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