Exporting Maschine to Traktor

I’ve been making 4 bar loops in Maschine but when I drag them to the remix deck it plays the loop (but) it plays an extra bar that’s silent. Not sure how to fix this issue?


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    you can change the size of the loop in the remix decks. maybe it's stored now as an 8 bar loop...

  • lord-carlos
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    Try to first drag them into an empty "normal" deck, check bpm, make a 4 bar loop and drag that into a remix deck.

  • zephry
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    This used to be a problem on older versions of Traktor, I thought it was fixed about a year ago.

    What version Traktor are you using?

    But also as @lord-carlos said above, it might just be the loop in Maschine. Sometimes effects and other things will translate differently when exporting, I have had to fix loops when exporting from Ableton or into Ableton many times. Even working within a production software there can be latency problems depending on what processing is on the channel.

    Yes dragging to an empty channel then getting the loop and bpm correct, and then drag to a cell on the remix deck. Before you play it 3x be sure to rename the loop if you want a different name to save properly in the remix set.

    Then save the remix set, export it. Then import again with a revised name, check the Content Import Folder to be sure everything is saved and labeled correctly. Then delete your original remix set.

    Seems like a big process, but believe me, once you save everything like this. You will have nice organized sets that have all your files and sets saved and backed up. Otherwise files might end up elsewhere on your drive and not show up when you update Traktor or make changes to a set.

  • Mike B
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    Thank you! Hopefully this will help.

  • zephry
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