Why does Kontakt refuse to load after I changed my library location?

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I bought an SSD external hard drive to help my composing template play better. After I spent 8 hours copying everything to the new drive and changed the library location, FL Studio 20 refuses to load from the new location. If I do not have the old drive in, it will not load the project. I opened the standalone Kontakt player and updated and reset and all of that and it will not recognize the new library path. I cleared out the Native Instruments folder inside of Common Files and inside of the Documents folder. I checked the registry and that has the right path, but even without the old drive plugged in Kontakt just keep looking to the old path. I have updated/deleted things literally everywhere I could find short of reinstalling almost 1TB worth of instruments and nothing has worked. Has anyone dealt with/solved this issue?

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    It's kind of hard to decipher what you did exactly since normally moving libraries is really a function of Native Access which you don't mention at all. The normal procedure (at least with the current Native Access) is to copy the files from the original library locations to the new library locations, then launch Native Access and you'll see the ones you moved are annotated with "repair" rather than "installed". If you select repair it allows you to select the new folder location and everything gets set appropriately. Did you follow anything like that procedure when moving the libraries?

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    Yes, that's exactly what I did. Apologies for missing those details. I used the Repair All and set the new path and they all pointed there. I verified that in the Native Access app a few times and in the registry. I did also install Kontakt 7 and that pointed to the new location as well. I have older projects though that are still using 6, but I would like them to be loading from the new location. I had removed the folder from the old external hoping that would force the issue in FL for me to choose a new location for the plugin, but it just froze and crashed a few times.

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    @Musa The best is to follow these steps: Moving a Native Instruments Product to Another Location on Your Computer

    Then open Kontakt in standalone and check if everything is showing. If not, simply reset the database as explained in this article: KONTAKT Crashes

    Once everything is working in Kontakt in standalone, you can open Kontakt in your DAW.

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