Ok whose guitar is/ was the Electric Mint ???

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The blurb for Electric Mint states this was sampled from a 1960 Strat played by a German Rock Musician.....Does anyone know whose guitar this is/was? I;m guessing Thomas Blug...anyone know?

I have the Les Paul and the Tele and will buy Electric Mint while it is on sale, but I sure wish NI would give us an update to the other guitar instruments..After all, they use the same engine. I know they want us to buy the new stuff, but how about supporting the people who have already bought stuff???


  • Mike Garry
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    Yes, please update earlier Session Guitarists. I'm particularly keen on the mdi drag'n'drop feature.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for sharing the feedback @nobadmojo. I've tagged your post with a feature request so we don't miss it.

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