Any update ahead for Kontakt 7?

aidenstunes Member Posts: 163 Advisor

Kontakt 7, unlike 6 as I have mentioned before,easily crashes. The team could replicate my report on their side, so it's 100% a software bug the causes the crash. With some other bug reports that I see here, and after almost 2 months of Komplete silence (get it?) from the NI team. As an early adapter, and please allow me to represent some other early adapters, we pre ordered Kontakt 7 a few weeks before everyone else, with a will to support NI and enjoy the "next level" of your "flagship" product. Yet that flagship product is still highly fragile with slow loading times for Choir Omnia, half designed interface, frequent crashes, often of the entire DAW.

I respect NI hard work, patches aren't born within a day or two. I can see that Native Access 2 has finally got the attention it deserved with a major patch that fixes sort of every major bug. The Ventura compatibility is welcomed just as well. But what about Kontakt? What is going on with Kontakt? It feels like you threw it away.


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