Massive X not working in Maschine.



  • Kymeia
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    'Quite frustrating after 2 years of M1 architecture' - well evidently it's not installed on your system for some reason so I guess you need to sort out with NI support why on your system you are having these problems but I don't think it's reasonable to blame this on NI not supporting M1 as clearly they are. btw there won't be an app version for Massive X, never was.

  • Monochrome
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    Massive X only exists as a plug-in. There's no standalone app.

    Additionally, it's currently not supported on Ventura.

  • tymes2
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    Thanks for the info! A plugin would be a .component under Mac OS which I can't seem to locate. Furthermore, following the link you provided, Absynth 5 is officially not "Compatible via Rosetta 2" and NOT "Natively compatible w/ Apple Silicon". However, I can run A5 inside Maschine in Rosetta. Go figure...

  • tymes2
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    Cheers! 🤙1

  • tymes2
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    This (including a solution) is being discussed here:

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