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Disconnection of NIHostIntegrationAgent & NI Harware Service in Services

keefycal Member Posts: 10 Sine

Hi NI Users

For several months I have been struggling to use my Windows 10/S88/Cubase12 Pro system as every time I begin a session, the DAW option does not appear in the Studio Setup. Consequently, the transport side of things doesn't work. (I fear a system update may have been responsible, but it's too late to go back).

Initially, I had a work around which involved downloading and reinstalling Komplete Kontrol before every session, but over weeks of trial & error, I have narrowed the problem down to the two progs. in Services. i.e NIHostIntegrationAgent & NIHardware Services. Despite set to Automatic/Running, a refresh of these progs. usually gets me started. I have been comunication with Tech. for months, but, short of a reinstall Windows suggestion (which I really don't want to do) nothing I have tried has made any difference.

Numerous uninstalls/reinstalls later I am still very frustrated by things.

Any ideas would be gratefully wecomed.


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