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The keyswitches for the horn articulations are one octave below the 88-note keyboard, and it appears as though I am unable to get to these switches during an actual performance. I am not seeing any way to re-assign these notes to something I could actual play during a performance. Am I missing something?


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    Do you know you can use the octave buttons on your keyboard to shift the viewable keys without affecting the notes? Using the Octave buttons only shifts the keys left or right so to speak. Just change to "-1" for this Instrument so the articulations are within view. None of the presets extend past the end of the physical keyboard when you shift to -1.

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    The plot thickens...

    I was inside Pro Tools adding an instrument track to a recording session. I tried using the octave button on my M-Audio Keystation 88 controller with no success. I wanted to be able to record a part into Pro Tools while getting these key switches to include the notes into the recording so the track plays back with desired articulations.

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    @DDmUSA What about when using Kontakt in standalone, can you use the octave button? If you can, there might be a setting in Pro Tools getting in the way. If it also happens in Kontakt, then you need to check the keyboard itself.

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