Ambisonic Mixing

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Hello everyone 👋

I'm working on a project in which I want to playback 16 channel tracks (Ambisonic) and I wonder if Traktor is capable of playing this format.

The key thing here is that I want to give DJs playing in this project an easy method to play - we're already exploring Ableton Live, which seems capable of broadcasting 16 channels (with a workaround of using envelop4live) but this is not straightforward.

Would appreciate any idea or direction :)

Any multi-channel player would be considered - we already considered coding our own solution for this project.


  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 191 Advisor

    I know Ableton already has some issues with other Ambisonic/Binaural decoders…

  • rmn
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    Max MSP has great support for multichannel audio. I use it with Traktor and occasionally over the network.

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