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There are quite a few items in the Kontakt Scripting Workshop concerning instrument editing which have nothing to do with scripts. At least some of them have been relocated there from the main forum, presumably by some well-meaning moderator who thinks that instrument editing can only be done by script. I wrote a post drawing attention to this, and guess what?... it was promptly moved to the Scripting Workshop. I guess that has an entertaining symmetry of its own.

My main concern is that the original poster may have no means of knowing that his post has been inappropriately moved, or where to find it.

If the Scripting Workshop is to be used for all instrument editing matters should we avoid confusion by changing the name to Instrument Editing Workshop? In fact the main forum is getting so cluttered with people having problems working their libraries and DAWs that perhaps an entirely new subforum with that name might be appropriate?


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    Hi @stephen24 are you referring to your previous post?

  • stephen24
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    I'm just saying that this is a new forum whose content seems to have changed quite a lot recently and I'm sure you guys are feeling your way. I'm just making some suggestions for improvement.

    There have been a number of posts, maybe from people who aren't seasoned Kontakt users, asking for help with instrument editing, (not scripting.) If their post disappears because it's been relocated, they may not know where to look for it. I have myself answered several such posts, but had no ackowledgement, suggesting that the original poster may not have seen my answer.

    Not all editing is done with scripts. If you want to relieve congestion by moving people's posts to a subforum, it would be less confusing for them if the subforum was appropriately named (e.g. Instrument Editing Forum). Or even better, leave a (?temporary) notification in the main forum of where it's been moved to.

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