Any feedback from Intel-based Mac users after the 2.16 update?

Jaheid19 Member Posts: 36 Member

Any issues with the vst2- vst3 migration with products not NI related? I have a few tools from in vst2 but should be able to update to vst3 from their website.

Any issues with K14 after updating to 2.16 on Intel Mac? Looking forward to getting 14 in December if my 2012 Intel Mac 2TB is compatible with the instruments.


  • Its_Leonidas
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    Do NOT install it, it will screw your entire setup up. Check out the other forum threads first.

  • Kymeia
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    No it won't - and on Intel there is not going to be the question of whether to use Rosetta anyway. Some plugins do migrate - those from AAS and Sugarbytes for example, but many do not including from Arturia and u-he. I'm not sure about Waves but they don't seem to update all their plugins equally so it might be a mixed bag.

  • D-One
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    I have zero issues on my intel mac so far. I rarely use Waves in MAS tho so cant comment on that, been working on fully removing waves from my life for a couple of years now.

    If yours is from 2012 then check if k14 is even supported for you before you buy, officially you need at least Big Sur I think.

  • Jakob Zimmermann
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    Portal from Output isn't woking at all

  • Kymeia
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    Still waiting for an Apple Silicon native update for Portal (in beta apparently) but I am running it on Ventura in Rosetta mode so I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t be working on Intel Macs

  • Jaheid19
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    Updated to 2.16 and everything is working normal on my Intel Mac after crashing when browsing on 2.15

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