What's the difference between Strummed Guitar and Strummed Guitar2?

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Hey guys, recently I got three questions about Guitar choices, Well first, Obviously I thought out of the Strummed , one is the original version and the other is the second version, but it's not like the Electric Sunburst, the Electric Sunburst was still its original version when i just I bought it, and I need to pay a little more for updating as the latest version released, so I'm asking if the Strummed Guitar2 is the update version for Strummed Guitar so that I can referentially make my choices.And the second is that I wonder if Strummed Guitar fit in with finger-style playing, like some tones of single string when i don't need to use Strummed Guitar(ps.If yes, then is it okay with Electric Sunburst as well?)What's more, can plucked guitar play Strummed sounds instead? As for the last question, i want to know further details about Strummed Guitar, Strummed Guitar2 and Plucked Guitar.I'd appreciate it very much if you guys can give me more information about it, looking forward to your early reply. ❤️Best wishes.


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    I think your time would be well spent going on YouTube and watching NI's walkthrough video for each of the plugins you mention. They are there and this should answer your technical questions. That said, Strummed Acoustic 2 has a completely different sound library from SA 1.

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