Realistic Sounds on Maschine+ (Maschine Plus)

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I'm new to the Maschine series, but my biggest complaint with the Maschine+ is that it doesn't have any realistic sounding instruments on it. It has realistic loops, so it's obviously capable of realistic sounds, but we don't get any realistic instruments. We also are missing out on great libraries for even the free Kontakt versions, like Ethereal Earth, which would make for an excellent backdrop.

That Maschine+ is costing us $1300, but it has less available plugins than the Maschine MK3. That feels pretty unfair and simultaneously makes it clear the + can indeed have those plugins. I saw the MK3 run all sorts of more realistic sounds, like Hybrid Keys, in Native Instrument vids on youtube.

Could we please get more of this in the Maschine+, at the very least we should have all of the free version of Kontakt. It's already free. it wouldn't be any loss to Native

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