Maschine on Apple M1 is losing it, and NI is slowly losing me with it.



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    Thanks for your posts here, it has put some things into perspective for me. I feel like a lot of confusion could have been avoided with a simple official statement or a little blog post/quote by a lead dev or PO. Kai on the old forum was doing a great job in this regard, but like always it didn't last long.

    I got like 30 apps on my full disk access list. I don't use windows much but I also have a bunch of stuff there that requires "Admin Mode" for example. More security usually cames at the cost of more annoyance.

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    Yeah I can't see another order that would have worked apart from simultaneously converting everything in one go - but we would probably still then been having to wait for them and everyone would still be up in arms :) It's a game plan - if they converted the hosts first or all the plugins first then we would have had the crazy situation of having hosts that can't load their own plugins - imagine how that would have been received. Also better to have some of your own plugins to test with, that you know inside out, than some third party plugins. So they converted some of their plugins first, starting with a simplistic test subject (Super 8) and gradually others. They converted the hosts first to load just their own plugins, while at the same time converting more of their plugins to VST3/AS till we got to this point where they have opened it up to third party having implemented and tested a framework enabling VST2-> 3 migration in those hosts (with plugins that support it, which I believe should be most given a few changes that are already in the VST SDK). So now here we are with this framework established and just a few plugins remaining to convert - these including 2 of the hardest (especially Massive X as it is so dependent on Intel AVX2 instructions, and Reaktor probably more because of its complexity, the existence of a huge third party library to take into account, and no doubt also some technical dept given its long history).

    I know some people have suggested wrappers but really that is a workaround, not a solution. And beside Rosetta is the wrapper that already exists on an OS level, why make another? NI have sensibly gone for a longer term and more robust solution.

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    Exactly, something like that.

    One converts few plugins and tests it in several 3rd party DAWs.... At the same time one may convert its own DAW.... When plugins run fine in several DAWs, they are hopefully implemented OK. One may test its own DAW with them, later with 3rd party plugins....

    Best way to do transition in sort of this way...

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