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Hello all,

Although it took me a minute to find an answer to placing non player libraries in the K7 browser, and of course broke K6--and preview not working in K7. I re-batched in K7 first, then of course tried in K6--if I open the instrument in K7--it will work. in K6--no such luck--no longer works.🙄Had I read the instructions on it first--may not be a issue.

However, I have had issues with the following: Output Evolve Mutations 1 and 2. Bravura Scoring Brass (no pic no previews-I did a rebatch in K7--of course it does not work in K6--I may have to reinstall this one it comes up as K6 is too old). Heavyocity- Master Sessions Ensemble Drums (no preview). Emergence Audio-Quantum Infinite Motion (no preview on the multis). Soundiron- Requiem Light (FX no previews). The Grandeur (no preview-pic looks off for some reason). The Giant (no preview). Rise and Hit (No previews) and finally Project Sam-The Free Orchestra- TFO Multis. Now if I double click to bring the instrument up, and play with midi keyboard they do work.

So I am wondering I need to do a re-batch on all of the aforementioned instruments in K6 before doing a re-batch in K7?


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    Just open the library and then play a note or 2.

    If you like it, keep it.

    If you don't, just close it.

    I did that when I could not preview the libraries.

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