Finally Ozone 10 works (Win 10 x64)

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After one month we finaly get full functionality of Ozone 10 Standard as VST.

Will take me nights and nights to go over.

Thanks NI and Izotope for great job !




  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks @pibi! I'm assuming you're referring to the latest Maschine 2 and Komplete Kontrol update which comes with a 3rd party VST3 support. Will let the team know we've got a happy user. 😇

  • pibi
    pibi Member Posts: 8 Member

    Yes !

    Latest Maschine is Here. Works wery fast. I am on Win10 I7 + 512 SSD + 2TB seagate.

    Also have M32 to and S61. I like cinematic instruments + Stradivari !

    With Komplete Kontrol all buttons Work nice !

  • pibi
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    Ozone is amazing. Only takes CPU very high.

    So it is possible to avoid other efects on sound and groups, you only need one efect on master

    to produce perfect output file with ony one vst3 for end mastering to avoid high CPU usage

    Thank you Ozone !

  • pibi
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    Last news:

    Transfer all data to Hp Ryzen win 11 500 Gb SSD+5TB usb disk.

    All work faster only librarys on 5TB scan and read litle slower but nothing specilal

    ALL WORKS under win 11


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