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I am using Maschine 3 to perform live, which is great by the way. I found the best way how to set up my live show. I made up a group for each song, using scenes and all 16 "sounds" mixed with synths, drums, loops, and samples. This gives me the possibility to alter each song (group) in any way live and easily jump by the end to the next one. The whole group can be saved as a song with samples and be imported into other projects if needed. If anyone out there needs more information, ask me : ). I could not find any similar setup on the web.

I need retrigger (1 bar mode) for some scenes as some patterns have different lengths. Unfortunately, I encounter cracks when it jumps to the beginning. I also encounter cracks when I stop playing my scenes or pattern. My CPU is around 40% and I am using a Mac M1 pro.

  • How can cracks be solved when using retrigger or stopping running scenes or pattern?
  • Can patterns be configured, so they jump i.e. on bar 1?

Thank you in advance.


  • Mike Vamp
    Mike Vamp Member Posts: 10 Newcomer
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    ... those artifacts (cracks) might come from third-party plugins that I use? Any suggestions?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Mike, so can you reproduce the issue when not using third party plug-ins? Are you using the latest update of Maschine? Are you running the Maschine software in Native mode or Rosetta mode?

  • D-One
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    @Mike Vamp asked:

    I need retrigger (1 bar mode) for some scenes as some patterns have different lengths.

    Retriggering options are in the menu bar, or if you want to do it from the HW it's Shift+Follow/Grid

  • Mike Vamp
    Mike Vamp Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    Hey D-One,

    thank you for your answer. I am already using this option but you can´t do that with a pattern, right? I m using "Scenes" now which is ok but would be nice to have "pattern" do the same, as for our live performance I have a "Group" for each song and would rather like to jump to another pattern than use scenes. Maybe Maschine has a different approach.

  • D-One
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    No Prob. Correct, sync changes only work for Sections and Scenes.

    Pattern sync is another one of those features users have been requesting for ages.

  • Rilkecat
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    Hey nice live setup! Love to read about people who use maschine to perform live (i do it as well).

    How many songs (groups) do you usually use per set?

    Do you rely exclusively on Masch knobs or use other external gear for controlling sounds parameters, mixer, fxs, etc?

  • Mike Vamp
    Mike Vamp Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    Hi Rilkecat,

    Thank you for feedback.

    For now I have 9 songs, each song in a „Group“. Usually for live, 16 channels (Sounds) should be enough to control. I use Macros to control what I need for live. Makes it live much easier, as you configured just what you need. No other gear. By using „Select“ I jump easily between „Sounds“,„Scenes“ and Mixer. I found that the 2 screens are very helpful to seperate my instruments and loops. For example, I always use Ch 1-4 for drums Ch 5-8 for bass and sythns and so on.

    I use one channel (Group) for vocals and use Guitar Rig. For live I use a „Gate“ or mute the channel in case I dont need it.

    Each „Group“ in the mixer has an equalizer.

    I hope I could inspire you : )


  • Mike Vamp
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    @Jeremy_NI Hi Jeremy, thank you for your questions. I updated Machine 2, switched to Rosetta and switched all other stand alone third-party plugIns to Rosetta. In my case I use Maschine as a stand-alone. I found that the cracking sound I hear when I start/stop my scenes/pattern does not happen when I use the audio of my MK3 but the glitch (crack) when I retrigger my „Scenes“ in any note mode is still there. Even when I switch off all my third-party plugins. Without using retrigger everything runs smooth but I need retrigger for some scenes.

    Also, the crack when I use start/stop is still there when I use my internal audio of my MacBook M1 Pro.

    Latency is 256

    Thank you for your help.

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