Traktor Pro 3 Sound Issue

niklasvo Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Hey Guys,

following prob:

when I start my traktor Pro app, the sound is very good and okay, but If I connect my Kontrol F1 with my computer...the sound are quiet and bassless

what could I have done wrong ??


  • niklasvo
    niklasvo Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    edited October 2022
    Note: when I disconnect Kontrol F1 the sound stays the same

  • Ryan_NI
    Ryan_NI Customer Care Posts: 191 mod

    hey @niklasvo - sorry for the delayed reply.

    what happens if you:

    1. Restart your computer
    2. Plug in the F1
    3. Open Traktor (having the F1 already connected before opening)

    Does the issue persist?

    Could you also change your audio device to WASAPI (Exclusive Mode) instead of (Shared Mode) and see if this changes anything?

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