Issues using Komplete Kontrol (V2.4) in Logic (V 10.7.3) vs Digital Performer (V11)

Diamond Geezer
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I'm switching from using Digital Performer to Logic Pro and I'm finding that using Komplete Kontrol (V 2.4) as a plugin in within Logic to be slow/clunky and I'm also encountering numerous bugs. The main issue is when using multiple instances of KK in Logic, each time I need to access that instance I get a spinning beach ball/delay while logic loads the KK instance and displays it (admittedly, I am running on a slower Mid 2010 Mac Pro). From what I can tell, with Logic you can only have one software instrument instance window open and active at a time (I'm new to Logic so perhaps I'm missing something)? Is there a work around for this in Logic so that I can view more than one instance of KK at a time? In Digital Performer, the MIDI tracks are independent of the software instruments and you can also have multiple software instrument windows open and active at the same time. Also, other bugs in Logic that I don't experience with DP is the Light Guide crashing and turning blue anytime I hit the Undo/Redo button on the KK S88 MK 2 controller or the "Undo/Redo" menu command in Logic (I posted separately on this forum about this a few days ago). I'm using the same version of KK and Kontakt (V6) in both DP and Logic so don't think this issue is with the software versions. Based on my experience so far, the integration of KK in Logic is not as usable (or stable) as it is in DP and I'm not sure I can continue using Logic if I'm working on a project that calls for multiple instances of KK. Have scoured YouTube and this forum and have been unable to find tutorials showing how best to set up a Logic project with multiple instances of KK (so Light Guide is visible for each) with Kontakt. Any assistance/advice is always appreciated!

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