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Hi there.

I just bought Blocks primes (99€). Runs in Reaktor Player. I'd like to upgrade to R6 Fullversion. Upgrade from my R4 costs another 99€. Is ther any further discount, because i already own Blocks primes?

Sorry about my english. I'm from germany.


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    The prize 99€ is for the update. Blocks Primes and Blocks Base is part of R6 without any extra costs.

    But you can't extract the prize for your bought BP in the past to zero.


    With player you can use Blocks Prime without limit and stuff from the user library (U/L) for 30 minutes only.

    The full version has no time limit and access for all registered ensembles to the structure, include the thousands from the U/L.

    Myself start in 2004 with R4 Session › R5 a year later › R6 10 years later.

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    Thanks for your answer. Most of it i already know. I started with Reaktor (1) on a Win 95-PC and I don't expect to get the update for free now!! But i wonder if there is an official regulation for people like me who already own a big part of R6. If not... So what! R6 is worth it seriously.

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    There more commercials for Reaktor 6 like FORM or Flesh. The Mouth and The Finger.

    You need win 10 to drive R6 win 95 isn't enough.

    TRK-01 for D&B or Skanner XT

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