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Hello! I put together a set of what was at hand. Help solve the problem with routing MIDI messages from the electronic drum YAMAHA DTXPRESS IV installation on the Machine plus. The essence of the problem is the discrepancy between the layout on the drums and the drum machine. How can I redefine midi while still being able to work offline?



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    I use basic groups, when setting the "Drumkit" values in the "input group" section, midi signals from yamaha do not correspond to midi messages (notes) in the machine. manual adjustment only allows you to shift the starting note, without affecting the binding of midi messages. In my case, "Kick" in yamaha corresponds to C0 on the machine, and the rest is scattered randomly, "hi-hat" on the yamaha is recognized by the machine as A0 "Tom" and so on. I can roughly imagine how to reassign midi messages via a PC, but I need an autonomous bundle of Yamaha machines +, the PC in this implementation acts as a recording station.

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    the drum kit can be programmed to output the notes you want/need so i would start there. Problem will be that not every kit has all the pieces on the same notes and it depends also what kits do you use the most, maschine ones or kontakt instruments. But ones set up you should be able to play most stuff just fine.

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