[Shell vent] "It's just _too_ real"

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Hi gang!

The above topic is a direct quote from my gf and I really felt like venting because...

This is all YOUR doing! You guys (yes, you NI!) made my gf cry, what's up with that?!1

ok, ok, ok... sorry for the dramatics ;) But it's true!

My girlfriend is Japanese. Well.. Dutch actually but born & raised in Japan and the Netherlands. She loves some of my Asian instruments and East Asia in particular more than often managed to catch her attention.

This evening we had a synth evening. Normally we do this with a close friend of mine but today. well, let's have some fun. GF provided home made sushi so any arguments why this wouldn't have an Asian vibe to it quickly ended up in my stomach, errrr.... out the window ! 🙄 (SO much bad pun here... 😶).

And then it happened. Shared with strict permission and I am not going to elaborate any further.

"KeiCha" played a non-disclosed melody which she remembered from her childhood using a non-disclosed instrument within the "melodic Japan" section of East Asia and as soon as she started playing she became quite emotional.

I obviously asked what was wrong... see topic.

There's a reason I got passionate about sound because... it can trigger emotions, it's all too easy to realize and get into. Until it happens to someone very close to you, then trust me: it's all different.

Thanks for reading.


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    @ShelLuser said:

    There's a reason I got passionate about sound because... it can trigger emotions


    Beautiful story, thanks for sharing!

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    Totally there, man! I'm all the time either getting chills, having my heart sink or rise, or coming to tears from music. But when I see either my favorite music or, especially, something I've created have that effect on my wife or really anyone, that just rips me up (in a good way)!!

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