Traktor 3.6.0 325 freezes after searching Beatport or Beatsource

oviwan Member Posts: 105 Helper

It happens consistently, after about a dozen searches or less. I have to "Force Quit" Traktor and as a result playlist updates and newly created playlists are lost. Any ideas?


  • Fotis Leon
    Fotis Leon Member Posts: 54 Member

    @oviwan the idea is that they need to work harder and make it better, cause Traktor is unstable in comparison with the competitors at the moment...

  • tac0cat
    tac0cat Member Posts: 27 Member

    I didn't have an issue with this until a few weeks ago. Now I get it every time I load a song from beatsource to any deck. It will freeze and the only way to fix it is a force quit like you mentioned. Sucks to not save your stuff along the way and in a live setting this really really hurt me.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,004 Expert

    Sucks to not save your stuff along the way

    You can save the current state. I think it's right clicking on the root note of your collection -> save collection.

    Though of course this will not address why traktor is freezing for you.

    Maybe open a service ticket with native instrument and a crash log?

  • DMMilov
    DMMilov Member Posts: 1 Member

    End of march and still does it on my M1 with s4mk3. Not a good thing when you have to work, starting to loose confidence in your products. Waiting for a quick solution, update or something.

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