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How to connect Audio 2 MK1 to MS Surface via Micro USB and power the tablet at the same time?

Kissinger Member Posts: 2 Noise
edited October 2022 in Traktor Software & Hardware

Is it possible to connect an Audio 2 HW to a MS Surface via Micro USB and still charge the tablet? Which connection/cable can be used for connection. (Mikro USB Port is data+charging port)

The second port (USB A) is used by the controller and the use of a USB hub should be avoided due to latency issues.



  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,652 Pulse

    You may also power MS Surface (at least Pro one) using provided power adapter. It does not go to USB ports, but below it to the narrow cca 3/4 inch long slot (connector).

    It works well, if you meant powering from electricity plug.... In case of need to power from battery, one could use a special USB cable, but you would have DIY or get it done by someone skilled....

  • Kissinger
    Kissinger Member Posts: 2 Noise
    edited October 2022

    It's an Surface 3 device. It works perfectly for audio but unfortunately only has one type A USB and Mikro USB connection. It probably needs some special kind of Y type cable that one can buy or convert cleverly/skilled. I'm grateful for all tips and hints.

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