Which libraries has NI given away for free?

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I would like to ask the long-time NI users about the libraries NI has given away for free in the past. I know about the Komplete Start and "25" library. I'm curious if there was anything else they released for free before?

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  • ozon
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    • Kinetic Treats (Xmas Gift 2016)
    • Yangqin (Xmas Gift 2020)
    • Hybrid Keys
    • Twenty Five


    • Driver (Xmas Gift 2012)
    • Supercharger (Xmas Gift 2013)
    • Replika (Xmas Gift 2014)
    • Phasis (Xmas Gift 2017)
    • Raum (Xmas Gift 2019)


    • Mikro Prism
    • Skanner


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