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Hey guys wondering if anyone can help please?!

Downloaded and imported some new tracks from Beatport onto my Mac and traktor S3. Usually when I hit the analyse feature it renames them and organises them into categories along with labelling the genre, the key and the BPM.

But it’s not doing that. It’s just finding the BPM and the key only. The tracks are messy the the title remaining as the big long Beatport file name. No artist, no track title, no genre. Messy. I’m confused. Tried a few things and looked around on the net but can’t seem to pinpoint what to do. I hope I’m making sense ! What I’m a doing wrong? Please help. Thank you, Andrea



  • lord-carlos
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    Did you download a .wav file without meta data?

  • EcleKtia
    EcleKtia Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Possibly ! Yes these are wav files… any way to fix this ?

  • lord-carlos
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    .wav files don't have real support for meta data, such as artist and track title. Some apps just attach those and it might work. Not sure about traktor.

    When I want lossless I use flac. You can convert .wav to .flac without any quality loss, and also save a bunch of disk space. Or go to the store where you bought the tracks and maybe you can redownload as .flac or .aiff?

    If you at some point want to play at a club, be carefull, older CDJs don't support .flac

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